7 Popular Styles of Lighting: What Are Their Characteristics?

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Table of Contents

I. Chinese style lighting

Chinese style lighting adheres to the traditional style of Chinese architecture, using hollow or carved materials, quiet and simple; colors are mostly red, black, yellow, shapes and patterns are mostly symmetrical layout, patterns are mostly Chinese element patterns, emphasizing classical and The charm of traditional culture. Chinese-style lighting is elegant in style, simple and dignified, simple and beautiful in shape, strong and mature in color, soft in light and warm in color.

Chinese style lighting can also be divided into two types: pure Chinese style and modern Chinese style. Pure Chinese-style lighting has a classical atmosphere in shape, and the materials are generally simple; modern Chinese-style lighting only uses Chinese-style elements in part of the decoration, and are made of modern new materials, which is also very common.

II. European style lighting

European-style lighting is synonymous with luxury and elegance in the eyes of today’s people. They are famous for their gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite shapes. Its charm lies in the traces of its years. European style lighting pays great attention to the carvings of lines and shapes, and uses gold as the main color to reflect the sense of grace and luxury.

European decoration style, emphasizing gorgeous decoration, rich colors and delicate beauty to achieve elegant decorative effect.

European style lighting pays attention to gorgeous curve shapes and colors. Some European-style lighting will deliberately use artificial rust, dark paint, etc. to create mottled and old-fashioned effects, seeking to imitate the old feeling and visually give people a classical feeling. From the material point of view, European style lighting is mainly resin and wrought iron. Among them, resin lamps have many shapes and can have various patterns. Gold and silver foils are brightly colored; shapes such as iron are relatively simple but more textured.

III. Contemporary lighting

Modern lamps and lanterns are deeply loved by young people because of their fashion, alternative and concise features. Its materials are generally aluminum with metallic texture and glass with an alternative atmosphere, mainly for alternative expressions in appearance and shape, and the colors are mostly white and the metallic feel is more suitable for simple and modern decoration style, and it is bound to be enthusiastically sought after in the era of advocating individuality.

Four main trends in the development of modern lighting:

a. Apply high-efficiency and energy-saving light sources

b. Development towards multi-functional miniaturization

c. Pay attention to the development of lighting integration technology

d. From the simple lighting function to the development of lighting and decoration

The design and production of modern style lamps and lanterns vigorously use modern science and technology, combine classical modeling with the sense of the times, pursue the effective utilization and decorative effect of lamps, and reflect the achievements of modern lighting technology.

IV. Light luxury style lighting

Light luxury, that is, mild luxury, advocates an unburdened and high-quality life attitude. Light luxury lighting is a kind of quality lighting between luxury lighting and fast fashion lighting. It has both high-end positioning and quality, and a more affordable price. It has more personality than fast fashion lamps, and it has the connotation to save money than luxury style lighting.<br><br>

The elements of light luxury are very wide, not to say that hanging two crystal accessories can be called light luxury. Simply put, light luxury is to reduce complexity and simplicity. It is to simplify the previously cumbersome things, and the color matching is more fashionable, so that the overall product is simpler, but it does not lose its taste and tonality. Strictly speaking, light luxury is just a way of life, not a category. Comfortable and comfortable, the unrestrained and fashionable attitude of life conveyed by light luxury lamps makes people feel as if they are in the third space, where they can temporarily escape from the chaos of reality and relax comfortably.

1. Individuality

Individuality is more liked by young people nowadays, pursuing individual beauty, combining spaces with each other to form a multi-functional space, not a combination of traditional rooms.

2. Details

The light luxury style lighting draws on the advantages of the two styles of modern and classical, and combines their advantages. The modern and simple design and the classical calm atmosphere create a different style.

3. Freedom

Light and luxurious lighting are mainly based on pure colors, which can be more suitable for a free, bright and spacious space atmosphere.

4. Fashion

Light luxury lighting pursues fashion and fashion, but they also have strong practicability. The simple shape and three-dimensional form create a different home environment.

V. American style lighting

American style is a form of the American way of life that has evolved to the present day. The United States is a country that advocates freedom, which has also created its free and uninhibited lifestyle, without too many artificial decorations and constraints, and has inadvertently achieved another casual romance. The American culture is dominated by transplant culture. It has the luxury and extravagance of Europa, but it also combines the uninhibited nature of the American continent. The result of this combination is to eliminate many fetters and achieve nostalgia, extravagance and elegance without losing the casual style.

These elements of American-style lighting also just meet the needs of the current cultural capitalists for the lifestyle, that is: a sense of culture, a sense of luxury, but also a sense of freedom and emotion. American-style lamps and lanterns are mainly rooted in European culture. American-style lamps and European-style lamps have many similarities, but they can still find many unique features:

1. In terms of style: Although American style lighting still focuses on classical feelings and evolved on the basis of absorbing European style and even Mediterranean style, they are relatively simple in style and shape, with simple and elegant appearance, and pay more attention to leisure and comfort.

2. In terms of materials: American-style lighting is generally made of more elegant resin, iron, solder, copper, crystal, etc., and the selection of materials is diverse.

3. In terms of color tone: the color is calm, the temperament is timeless, and the pursuit of a sense of nobility. The purpose of American-style lighting is the same as the pursuit of luxury, but the charm of American-style lighting lies in their unique low-key aristocratic temperament.

4. In terms of light source: American-style lamps and lanterns with clear lines and elegant shapes generally have softer lighting, which makes people experience a mood that is completely different from fashion and simplicity.

American-style lamps and lanterns show the rich aristocratic temperament from the far west, filled with a low-key and luxurious atmosphere, and still retains the traces of its unique historical years. The elegant and timeless bearing it reflects can definitely show the owner’s excellent life taste.

VI. Mediterranean style lighting

The Mediterranean-style lighting design applies marine elements to the design, and is good at capturing light and using natural materials. A Mediterranean-style chandelier is placed in the home, overflowing with tenderness, giving people a sense of tranquility and far-reaching harmony between man and nature. The color characteristics of Mediterranean style lamps are blue and white, which is a typical Mediterranean color combination.

One of the common features of Mediterranean-style lighting is that the lamp arms or the center column of the lamps are often painted and aged. This processing method not only makes the lamps show the texture similar to European style lighting, but also shows the natural imprints eroded by the sea wind under the blue sea and sunny days of the Mediterranean Sea.

VII. Southeast Asian style lighting

Southeast Asian style lighting will use a lot of natural materials such as hemp, rattan, bamboo, grass, log, seagrass, coconut shell, shell, bark, sandstone and so on. Southeast Asian style lamps and lanterns generally have a single color, mostly dark wood color, and more pictographic design methods, such as birdcage shape, animal shape, etc. Southeast Asian style lighting are warm and subtle, mysterious in charm, gentle and passionate, exuding a strong natural atmosphere.

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