2023 Lighting Trends: Timeless Creative Design

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When you decide to renovate a room, you usually have a picture in mind of what the finished space will look like. Unsurprisingly, since you’re heavily invested financially and emotionally, you give each one due consideration. Planning every detail, of course wise, you’ll want the space just right!
One factor that most renovators also don’t give enough consideration to is lighting. Of course, you know you need light. You can even decide where the lights will go, and then park the lighting for a later decision. We get it, this can be a confusing subject.

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Leading Exporting Countries of Lighting Fixtures and Fittings
Worldwide in 2021(In Million U.S. Dollars)

Details: United Kingdom (Great Britain); Office for National Statistics (UK); Q1 2015 to Q1 2022

From the above data from statista, over the time period observed, retail sales volume of furniture and lighting in Great Britain decreased sharply in the second quarter of 2020 and again in the first quarter of 2021 with index values of 51.5 and 75.3, respectively. Such decreases are mainly coined to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As of the first quarter of 2022, retail sales volume in this sector was measured at an index level of 96.2. After the pandemic, with the recovery of the economy, the lighting industry will also recover quickly, and people will pay special attention to and have consumer demand for lighting in home decoration.

I. Mable and brass pendant light

Metal and marble finishes will be popular choices in lighting and kitchen design in 2022. Marble is a stunning and durable material, and pairing it with metal can help elevate your space. A chic, slim lamp featuring marble or metal would be a standout piece for those who want to create an elegant and luxurious feel in their home.

Marble and copper pendant lights make your home unique and because marble is a natural material, each piece will have a slightly different appearance. You can create a timeless look in your home by adding marble or metal lights to any space.

These slender gold floor lamps quietly enter our sight, all embodying elegance and charm. Besides their appearance, what are two other things to look out for? Marble and metal finishes, are what make these floor lamps so eye-catching.

Why should we pay attention to lamps with marble or stone and metal details? Designer Scarlett Boronkay explains: “Marble is a beautiful and durable material, and I love using it in projects. Especially when paired with metal it gives your home a really nice look — really upping the ante.”

II. Art deco shapes lamp

It’s safe to say that the art deco style has never gone out of style in the past decade. It’s now distinctive, stylish and probably retro enough to be described as a classic look.

However, while we’ve seen art deco lighting styles in the interior market before, we haven’t seen one like this. Less flashy and glamorous. Yes, you can leave your doors with rhinestone detailing and shiny chrome, and these new pendants borrow from the more subtle art deco details of the 1930s: softly scalloped edges, light marbled, a mellow dash of Midas or bronze.

“When it comes to design, there’s always a sense of nostalgia, and we prefer to look back to some eras more than others,” says Linda Boronkay. And this time, we’re talking about Art Deco. ” Art Deco is such a style, why? Because it offers endless sources of inspiration with its signature silhouettes, materials and colours.”

III. Scalloped edges chandelier

What to look for in 2023? The cool roundness of the scalloped edges. These gentle curves are not meant to show off, but to make your design details and choices stand out.

The joy of this trend is that it fits perfectly with current living room color trends, keeping it restrained and, of course, totally chic! One of these ceramic pendant lights can be placed almost anywhere in the home; above the dining table, in the hallway, or even on the landing? We love a lighting trend that’s an all-around contender that can instantly update a space that might have been overlooked for one reason or another.

IV. Handmade chandelier

“Right now, this is my favorite of all the new lighting trends, and honestly, I think it’s also a very durable and versatile trend,” says Scarlett Boronkay.

Linda explains the benefits of choosing the handmade trend, saying: “Not only will you be supporting artisans by purchasing this lighting trend, but the results will also be absolutely stunning”, mentioning soul and warmth as characteristics of such products.

Keep an eye out for things like Pinch’s Soren globe pendant light. This tasteful-looking lamp is made from repurposed banana peel, molded onto a bronze frame. Pinch says it has a characteristic that is considered “subtle luminosity”. It has a luminous, casual dinner party vibe to it.

V. A space-age desk lamp

Like the Galaxy Bar scene in Star Wars, these pieces all present a slightly obscure but lovely visual aesthetic. They’re not what one might immediately call beautiful, but they definitely have an endearing charm, and there’s something otherworldly about them. Essentially, you might just want to gently warn your desk that your home office idea is about to be invaded by something, not necessarily aliens, but certainly “extras” in a design sense.

From designer to designer, it seems like everyone has space invaders on their minds when it comes to desk and tabletop lighting designs for 2023. Think Dalek-like bases and Space Invader “bodies”, Mondrian-esque color palettes, and a whole lot of fun factor!

“If you want to refresh your room, opt into this trend,” says Scarlett Boronkay. Essentially, that’s what these little lights are all about. An opportunity to sprinkle some fun factor in the home. Anyway, who wants a boring desk lamp? Not us, forget about needing to be so practical. Sometimes a trend is just a little whimsical and out of the ordinary — and it’s especially fun to incorporate this idea into your cubicle desk ideas that double as quirky reading lights.

Look for design details, including gloss or lacquer, a well-proportioned base, in fact, the more even the better! And is a fabulous shade that fits perfectly with current color trends. Take the royal blue Habitat Ngami, for example — a cute little entertainment button that’s just hitting store shelves.

VI. Architectural chandeliers

Chandeliers will always be classics, but come 2022, they’re getting an architectural makeover to become a standout in your home. These new pop copper pendant lights are modern, chic and offer plenty of contemporary glamour.

Sophisticated and stunning architectural pendant lights can be used anywhere in your home where you want to make a statement. If you’re looking for lighting ideas for your living room ceiling renovation, now is the perfect time to source the perfect chandelier for your home.

Some might associate the word chandelier with the visual effect of a gleaming glass chandelier suspended from a highly decorative iron or brass curved arm, perhaps as decoration in a shabby chic castle? By the way, all the beautiful and perfectly acceptable applications of the chandelier.

For those of you who are so inclined, these types of pendant lights do exist, but now a new one is hitting the mood board of our living room lighting ideas. Forget traditional curves, twists and century-old details. These chandeliers are new, modern and very chic for modern glamour!

Linda Boronkay says, “Chandeliers should be the crown jewel of your home, but they shouldn’t be the main light source,” she warns. That’s what the new wave of chandeliers seems to embody — a sense of being both sculptural and functional light source. You can introduce additional elements of practical wall lamps, table lamps or floor lamps to support your lighting levels.

VII. Elegant alabaster details

Alabaster is a natural stone with a translucent moonlight effect that will enhance any home’s decor. This has been a growing lighting trend for the past two years and is an easy way to add some softness and interest to your space.

Imbued with extraordinary visual depth and a rich and detailed material, our Alabaster lamps will create stunning lighting effects in your home through the depth of light and shadow.

VIII. Ruffled lampshade lamp

Like mixing modern lighting in a more traditional home, the pleated lampshade trend combines a traditional feel with a contemporary style, again reminiscent of British design.

Here’s how eDesigner Carly describes it, “I just noticed that as I get to an age where I can afford to buy more home decor, it now feels like the decor that was popular in my childhood is coming back.

So there’s an emotional connection to the style, but I’m not tired of them or seeing it overdone. It feels like something comfortable and familiar, now reintroduced in a beautiful way.”

Here’s a really nice pleated shade table lamp:

IX. Bubble chandelier

A bubble light looks just like it sounds, a cluster of glass spheres gathered or layered together to form a sleek chandelier.

While this style has been around for a few years now, we believe bubble chandeliers are making a big splash right now. Because bubbles are joy, along with curves, dots, and hot air balloons! There is a clear shift from the Sputnik-style globe pendant lights to this more refined and grouped sphere look.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more modern-looking light fixtures into a more traditional home, the bubble chandelier is a great design choice. It adds a little interest but still works well with transitional styles.

The decorative bubble chandelier is a collection of light and airy glass spheres suspended from a circular canopy. This decorative cluster chandelier features a sleek gold finish and beautiful opalescent glass.

Bubble chandelier features two types of glass, fixed to a central metal light stand, creating a lovely grape look. Inspired by satellite orbits, these glass hemispheres are designed with a circular water ripple texture.

Rich design details maximize the elegance of this gorgeous contemporary bubble chandelier. You can enjoy its lighting in your space, such as dining room, bedroom, living room, and even your bathroom. It will become one of the centerpieces of your interior.

X. Brightly colored lanterns

We’ve been talking about how people get tired of the bright colors and gravitate towards the colors. We think it’s a great take on this colorful trend.

Painted lanterns are a lovely way to replace the pops of color of traditional metal chandeliers. Some designs are more refined interpretations of the farmhouse pendants we are used to seeing. And, if you have a timeless white kitchen, why not indulge in some colorful lantern-style lighting?

Lighting rules of thumb

1. Stick to white or off-white shades. The most glow is produced by this, which also makes it simpler to coordinate different lights.

2. Use warm-color LEDs instead of cool-color LEDs. Cool LEDs have their place, but they won’t add comfort to your room.

Which design trend is your favourite? Looking to renovate your home or update and revitalize your current lighting options in your home? Our team is here to help you! Click here to discuss a design with our design team!

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