15 Great Living Room Chandelier Ideas

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Do you think chandeliers are fussy and crystal lights are only for dining rooms? Then move on to the china, because there are chandeliers for any room and any style! A living room chandelier is the bright and sparkly centerpiece your space needs.

Black or brown carriage wheel chandeliers are popular in modern and neutral spaces, where the bold look is appreciated. For a more classic look, there are a variety of candle chandeliers to choose from, either using real wax candles for a cozy ambience or faux candles lit by bulbs for convenience.

In an eclectic living room, a wooden bead chandelier or even a unique sculptural touch might just be the funky finishing touch to pull the space together. For an ultra-modern or bohemian space, consider the bold Sputnik chandelier, with lights accentuated at sharp angles. If you need inspiration, let’s take a look at some great ways to brighten up your space with living room chandeliers!

Table of Contents

1. Carriage wheels living room chandelier

A black carriage wheel chandelier is centered in front of a white shiplap fireplace wall with a flat-screen TV. A black and white striped rug forms the neutral furniture arrangement below.

2. Shadows carriage wheels chandelier

This vaulted ceiling features a unique variation on the carriage wheels chandelier, with white shaded bulbs and white cups, each with a long pointed base, suspended above a living room decorated for the holidays.

3. Two golden sculptural chandeliers in an open room

This living room features a gold geometric sculptural chandelier and white faux candles. It hangs from a vaulted ceiling with wooden beams above a dark wood coffee table in the center of the room. A second, smaller gold pendant light with a more curved, organic design hangs in the white kitchen at the back of this open-concept space.

4. Gold candle chandelier in a traditional living room

This white and ice blue living room is decorated for Christmas with a tree, an evergreen garland and glass globe ornaments hanging over the mantel. Gold accents complement the elegant gold candle chandelier.

5. A gray living room with a bell chandelier

In this gray living room we find a red brick fireplace, a gray sofa and a matching armchair. A white bell-shaped chandelier and white faux candles hang above a white wooden coffee table in the center of the room.

6. Farmhouse living room chandelier in golden candle style

This white modern farmhouse living room features shiplap walls and a barn door above the TV room above the red brick fireplace. A golden candle-style chandelier and white faux candles hang in the center of the room between dark wooden beams.

7. High ceiling living room chandelier ideas

This two-tiered bronze carriage wheel chandelier with faux candles hangs from the high ceiling above a neutral living room. It is furnished in shades of sandy brown and white. Long rectangular windows frame and balance the chandelier with an abundance of natural light.

8. A high-ceiling silver chandelier above an airy living room

Suspended high in a modern living room, this fiber optic chandelier includes a reflective silver collar with dozens of miniature lights at the end. Large windows illuminate light-stained hardwood floors, and a white vase filled with pampas grass stands in the corner of the room below.

9. Neutral living room with lots of light

In a light-filled, neutral-themed living room, this extra-wide double-decker black carriage wheel chandelier with short faux candles hangs between a white stone fireplace wall and a tan leather sofa.

10. Charcoal living room with gold chandelier

This uniquely shaped chandelier consists of two tiers of golden cones supporting curved arms, each end of which holds a white faux candle. It stands out against a charcoal gray fireplace wall with built-in shelving.

11. Taupe living room candle chandelier

This traditional bronze candle chandelier includes scrolls around the center, wax taper candles in bronze cups, and beaded crystal pendants at the base of each arm. It hangs in a cozy beige and white living room above a trunk that serves as the room’s coffee table.

12. Mid-century modern living room pendant light

This mid-century modern living room features a sophisticated gold Sputnik-inspired chandelier with white orb lighting. It hangs above a central gray and white brick fireplace wall, while a gold-framed glass round coffee table below continues the theme.

13. High ceiling living room chandelier

Suspended high above a white and tan living room, this carriage wheel chandelier includes black faux candles and is supported by black chains. The black built-in shelves and art print below create a sense of balance and harmony.

14. Geometric gold living room chandelier

Flanked by navy blue walls, this modern gold candle chandelier features gold wall mount lights including an angular chandelier and gold faux candles in flat cups. It hangs in front of a gray shiplap focal wall.

15. Gray candle chandelier with vaulted ceiling

This simple and modern candle chandelier is supported by chains from the living room’s vaulted ceiling. It features faux candles with flat candle cups. It hangs above the living room in shades of gray and other neutrals.


The living room chandelier idea is an eye-catching choice. While traditional cut crystal may immediately come to mind, there are options ranging from classic to contemporary when adding this centerpiece to a lighting scheme.

A chandelier is essentially a branch light that hangs from the ceiling and can take many forms and use different material combinations, sizes and shapes, making it possible to complement any living room idea with one of these ceiling lights.

Our range includes chandeliers for rooms of all sizes and styles, and these are our interior designers’ options. If you want to consult the living room lighting scheme design, please feel free to contact us.

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