The 6 Most Stylish Wall Lamps

Share to: Compared with table lamps and floor lamps, wall lamps are not necessary lamps in the space, but for walls, they are an extremely important design language. The appearance of the wall lamp has given the monotonous wall a unique design context of its own. While enriching the space level, it also creates a […]

Light Bulb Knowledge You Have to Know

Share to: I. What is a ceiling lamp? The ceiling lamp is a light source installed in the house close to the roof. The overall appearance is relatively simple and suitable for use as overall lighting. The function and characteristics of the ceiling light are basically the same as those of the chandelier, but the […]

The 8 Most Classic Chandeliers That Will Never Go out of Style

Share to: 1. Serge Mouille Chandelier / Duckbill Lamp This is the first lamp designed by Serge Mouille, also called duckbill lamp or claws chandelier, a lamp that combines design beauty and functionality. All the shades and arms of the Serge Mouille chandelier can be rotated according to the needs to achieve reflection and direct […]