Lighting Retail Store in Australia

Location: Australia Type: chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc. All kinds of lamps Quantity: more than 1200 pieces This customer in Australia had been to the company before and had purchased lamps for his own house. When he wanted to open a local lighting retail store, he first thought of us […]

Italy Light Shop

Location: Italy Time: 2019 Type: chandeliers, outdoor lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps Quantity: more than 500 pieces This is a lighting store in Italy, it has a very good location and the owner has good taste, she chooses some of our unique designs and well-selling lights, she likes our products, both in terms of price […]

Lighting Store in New Zealand

Location: New Zealand Time: 2020 Type: Various styles of chandeliers Quantity: 500+ New Zealand sea area salt is relatively heavy, so the requirements of metal objects will be higher After we learned the situation, we showed the salt test report of the product to the customer. After a period of communication, we helped him design […]

The 3 Most Important Points for Buying a Ceiling Lamp

I. What is a ceiling lamp? The ceiling lighting is the light source installed in the house close to the roof. The ceiling lamp mentioned in this article is mainly the LED ceiling lamp. This kind of lighting has high efficiency and a high luminous rate. With the rise of smart homes, many home appliances are connected […]

Nordic Style Hotel Rooms in South Africa

Location: South Africa Item: Pendant lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, light strip and spotlight Style: Nordic style Material: Metal Quantity:45 set hotel rooms The room bedside design uses black and gold color-coordinated wall sconces, and the design without main lights uses recessed spotlights for mainline lighting. A screen separates the lounge area from the activity […]

Nordic Style Hotel in Qatar

Location: Qatar Item: Pendant lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, light strip and spotlight Style: Nordic style Material: Metal Quantity: Entire hotel Lobby The strong bohemian style can be felt as soon as you enter the hotel. The creamy white Scandinavian chandelier matches the green round table underneath, and the gold wall lamps and black spotlights […]